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Flower Secret keeps bridal flowers bouquet by NanoFreeze Technology

The expected day is near to come and all wedding arrangements are done . A night of life passes like a moment and it is difficult to keep the most important belongings of this day. Flowers are withering, images fade and accessories lose their splendor.

Flower Secret recognizes your need to memorize everything that keeps the beautiful memory alive, so we have developed smart technology that maintains the texture and the distinctive color composition of each flower. Whether the Roses and the flowers you want to keep were for your wedding or any occasion close to your heart, Flower Secret uses NanoFreeze Technology to keep your bouquet exactly the same as you took it in your day.

If you want to preserve the bride's bouquet and your other belongings of wedding , we are able to innovate stylish designs that collect flowers, pictures and accessories in one beautiful frame to an unforgettable memory.

How Flower Secret Works

Communicate with Flower Secret

1. Contact us for more details about the service.

Beware early with Flower Secret

2. Make a booking early to order the service

Delivery of the bride Flower Secret

3. Give us your hand bouquet after the wedding.

Treatment of flowers by Flower Secret

4. Treating your hand bouquet with NanoFreeze Technology

Flower Secret Flower Arrangement

5. Arrange your hand bouquet and accessories in frame

Your work is delivered

6. We hand you the final work

preserving the bride's bouquet is an art that we master

Unforgettable Wedding

  • The bouquet is the memory of the most cherished day that lasts for years.
  • Other wedding Belongings can be maintained like invitation card and pictures.

Unique Artwork

  • caring of the bride's hand bouquet professionally and keep it in a neat frame.
  • The final work is added to the decor of the house to give a unique elegance.

Stages of bride's hand bouquet preservation by NanoFreeze technology

There are several conventional ways of keeping the bride's hand bouquet , but the preservation way by Nano-freeze from Flower Secret is an innovative technology that is introduced for the first time in the world. It is the result of more than 10 years of research and developmet. This technology is based on three main stages. Click on the illustrations below for details.

Bride satisfaction Is The Most Important

Brides choose to preserves the wedding bouquet with Flower Secret and they are very Satisfied

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